Quilted Bed Cover


A Gentleman had moved into his retirement flat and needed a bed topper.  He had always been used to sheets and blankets with a bedspread on top, but felt he needed something to add warmth during the winter months.  

Because the decor was adequate, but a bit plain, he felt he wanted a bit of colour to brighten the room up, and at the same time co-ordnate with his curtains.  Other than that, I was given free rein to do what I liked in terms of design.  I knew we wanted a quilted top. that is what I enjoy doing most of all.  I felt this modern design which I adapted from one I found on the internet was perfect for a man.

The time-consuming design cost was alleviated because the customer was happy for us to use a regular sheet for the backing, which is very cost effective.

The Quilt was finished off with flanged binding and is very warm and toasty according to my happy customer!


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