Waterproof Car Seat Cover 

I am busy getting to grips with my new long arm machine and  familiarising myself with the pantographs which are new to me.  It makes sense to put my efforts and time to good use, making something with the quilted fabric that I produce.

Because we have had a new puppy in the family, I had to make a car seat cover so that Beau, our oldest dog could sit on the back seat of the car rather than cramped with the other 2 dogs in the modestly sized boot of my car.

I got some waterproof fabric and made some quilted fabric, using some fabric from my stash and the batting, and had a great time with a lovely flowery pattern to wiult the fabric.

The cover fts brilliantly, and it serves its purpose perfectly.  I bound the finished seat cover with some yellow binding I had and I have to say, I am thrilled with the end result.  A customised water-proof car seat cover that is unique, and a fraction of the price of the car-boot liners I bought when I first got the car.


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