I am proud to offer a long arm quilting service geared to quilters who need a basic service with an edge to edge quilting design to finish off a project.   The Long Arm Quilting Service is very customisable.  Prices are calculated by square foot or linear foot, whichever is relevant for the particular costs.  We believe that is the fairest way to charge, so you do not get penalised for being at the bottom end of a fixed price range. 

The Price Estimator is very easy to use

Simply add your quilt dimensions (in inches) and your service choices, and the estimate is calculated for you.  If you are happy with the estimate, please contact me to discuss the details of the service you require and we can give final quotation.


Included in the Price:-

  • Consultation fees
  • Thread
  • Inspection of the quilt top to ensure it is prepared according to our guidelines, plus any minor remedial work
  • Return post and packing costs for 2nd Class Post or Courier Service



NOT included in the price

-Providing backing fabric

-Providing binding fabric

-Full preparation of the quilt top

-Postage to The Penny Peach Co.

-Any additional costs incurred on behalf of and at the request of the customer.

-Premium Return Post Charges


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