The facemasks we  have been making inevitably evolved over the pandemic.  We started out with the anti-bacterial fabric which sadly became unavailable.

I got tremendous feedback for the wicking lining fabric I replaced the anti-bacterial fabric with.  Professional practitioners all said how comfortable they were for longer periods of wear, not misting up badly, etc.

So there have been pro’s and cons with each design but we are sticking to the wicking fabric style ones for now.  However, there are some common problems relating to any kind of facemask which can make them uncomfortable.

Here I hope I can address the most common problems.

Pressure Behind The Ears?


Straps Too Loose?

One of my customers, Candy, sent me a picture of her solution to irritaiting straps behind the ears.  Her device, shown below is a simple solution to all the problems in one go.

Candy created a device with some elastic and a bead;  the bead can be adjusted to secure the ear-straps, or relieve the pressure accordingly.

If this is a solution that you think would help you, but do not have the materials , please contact me.  I have beads and elastic in stock.  I will happily construct and post out a similar article for a nominal fee to cover my expenses.

Nose Wires:

The Nose wires are comfortable to wear, but sadly they can tend to break over time.  I have more in stock now, and I feel the best way to sell them, so you are not landed with 100+ bars you don’t need, and I am not out of pocket, is to sell them in packs of 10.  The price is £1.50.

This price includes free local delivery or 2nd class postage.



As a glasses wearer myself, I fear that there is no complete infallible solution to misting.  If you do know a solution, please share!

I have found quick and easy solution which is most effective for me.  This certainly cuts the misting right down and is cheaper  and more effective than….

 Anti-fog wipes – Fail!

Premium Lens Coatings – Fail

Wearing a Snorkel under the mask – Highly impractical


Take a regular a tissue

Fold into a Piece approx 1" x 5"

Place it under the nose-bar

And Voila! I hope it helps

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