What Present Do You Give To The Milionaire’s Wife?

It that time of year again when we are all thinking about gift-buying.  We are bombarded by TV ads telling us that after such a terrible year we should spoil ourselves because “WE DESERVE IT!

One supermarket retailer is telling us that there is no naughty list and we can have what we want.

So let’s just stop and think about what we are being told here……..

There has been a horrible pandemic. It has been a challenging year.  But I must ask myself if I am prepared to let the media tell me whether my year has been good or bad and if I should abuse my body and bank account to compensate for it.


The answer to what gift to buy for the wife of a millionaire – well, I believe that it is how we make people feel that is important.  This year we  have been moved by random acts of kindness and tales of selflessness.  This has always been around us.  We have just seen so much more of it lately.

The BEST thing that came from Lockdown this year was the noticeable benefit on the environment that  was seen by us all when we stood still.  Dolphins swimming in Venice, the black cloud of pollution over China cleared, we saw photos of the Himalayas that were previously impossible to take due to the pollution.  We also discovered the great outdoors and the joy and wonder of Nature that for many of us is nearer to our doorstep than we realised.

Hopefully, this has moved us towards more consideration for our planet and our environment and against buying unwanted expensive gifts which are heading to landfill in months to come after languishing in the corner gathering dust.

Back during the Spring lockdown, when everyone was leaving their de-cluttered clutter on the doorsteps for others to help themselves to, a neighbour left out a box of spider plants that he had grown on from the mother plant.   I brought one home.  It grew on and produced lots of babies.  So, I gave the millionaire’s wife a baby spider plant for her birthday.  She was thrilled because she hhad heard how good plants are for the atmosphere in the home, cleaning the air, etc., and also, she had no plants but she did have a planter that needed a plant to go in it!!

Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.  I didn’t need to spend money I do not have to impress my friend because I feel in awe of her bank account.  I have given her months of joy, simply by passing on the product of a random act of kindness I received from my neighbour.  Buying her perfume she doesn’t like would not have left her feeling that way.  Each time she visits the bathroom now, she will see her plant and take care of it and feel a deep sense of satisfaction that she is nurturing something.

This afternoon I have spent time gathering ideas for adding to the refillable re-usable advent calendars I sell.  I have compiled a list of riddles, and appalling jokes and ideas on how to spend time with loved ones in the run up to Christmas. Minimal expense – maximum experience.

We might have the prospect of a different Christmas looming.  I am not worried because I have had to face ‘different’ Christmases recently and they didn’t turn out as bad as I was expecting them to.  When my usual guest list of 12 decreased to 4 I decided to think about how I could make the most of it.  I think we are all brighter than the media will have us believe.  We do not need to over-indulge in unwanted gift buying and receiving or eating more than we can physically stomach because the advertisers want us to think we should soothe our emotions that way.

I think it is up to us to create the ‘new normal’ for our families and friends.  And we can concentrate on doing something nice without the usual fall out of unwanted pounds adding to our credit card bill  and waistline.

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