In all areas of the media, we get bombarded with adverts or campaigns to try and tell us that there is some way or another that we could be better, look better, feel better……. And it is usually to get us to part with our cash.  By the way – you will not see any adverts in this magazine at all.  That I promise you from the word go!  Advertisers play to our fears and insecurities.  I hate them!

What I believe is that our whole well-being can be taken care of by a change in our mindset and the choices we make.  Our self-care needs to be holistic; I believe.  And the changes we make as a result can lead to wonderful things.  Very simple changes can have very big effects on us.

New Year Resolutions are notoriously prone to fail.  I see commonalities in many religious and philosophies around the world, and one thing is for sure – I have yet to find a practice where a feasting (or festive) season is followed by a period of restraint.  The Period of restraint comes first.  Think about Lent in the Christian tradition, or Ramadan in the Muslim faith.

So, starting from the January issue of Life’s A Peach I have I have asked my sister, Toni Peach  to write a small article each month in the E-Zine to explain the Chakra system.

Toni, my older sister by 14 months, so almost my twin, has travelled extensively in India mainly, and has acquired great insight  in many of the Eastern Traditions.  She will myth-bust and explain the philosophy behind the Chakras, and how we might focus on them.  Im excited to learn about them too.  Every day is a school day.  I am always interested to learn.

So basically, Chakra is a Sanskrit word for  Wheel.  And it is believed that we have 7 spinning discs of energy in our bodies which need to stay aligned and open, because they each are linked to bodily and nervous systems and contribute to our complete wellbeing.

While there are lots of different ideas about how many Chakras we have, it is believed that the principal 7 Chakras are aligned along the spine from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

These 7 Chakras all have their own identity and purpose, and I am delighted that Toni has offered to write these articles for us, starting in the January issue with the Base Chakra aka Muladhara.  By looking at the Chakras one at a time, month by month, we can find a small change we can make to improve our personal well-being, without feeling in way deprived.

So sit back at New Year, and think that by the time the next New Year arrives 2022, resolution will not be part of your language.  You will be on the way to being the person you want to be.  But if you want to make a bit of a start, maybe look at gratitude – an attitude of gratitude before 22nd January comes.  Find one thing each day that is NOT in the top 5 things you say you are grateful for.  For instance, say thank you to your shoes, and the person who made your shoes, and the tree that grew the wood to make the cardboard to make the box the shoes came in.  You get the idea.

Happy New Year!

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