Old English, from Latin adventus ‘arrival’, from advenire, from ad- ‘to’ + venire ‘come’.


Advent :-

Noun:- The arrival of a notable person or thing.

We are currently in the period of anticipating the arrival of Christmas, which for many is going to be very different for countless reasons, not least because of the unusual year we have had.

We find comfort in constancy and believing that we are in control.  If we have learnt a wonderful lesson this year, it is the realisation that we are anything but in control, and that life happens on life’s’ terms.  There is a great sense of peace in recognising that.  It is something I have been aware of for years, dealing with my mental health issues in some shape or form.  A beneficial recovery is contained in knowing I must learn to accept what life throws at me.  That is what I, and many like me need to come to terms with daily.  And we are the ones who inwardly smiled when the rest of the world seemed to catch up this year.  And we all shouted, come on in the water is not so bad! We were not afraid in quite the same way as those of us who felt the impact of discovering how life is the boss in all this.  We just drive the car.

The month of December, and our eager anticipation of Christmas Day, excitedly preparing to make the best Christmas ever represents a great metaphor for life in terms of our lack of control.  Year after year all the best laid plans of us all seem to go wrong in some way.  The unexpected happens.  Sometimes though, the unexpected goes in a direction better than we ever imagined.  I am not just talking about gift receiving in the literal sense here.  There are lots of ways the feel-good factor of Christmas can have a surprisingly goo outcome for us that we did not anticipate.

So, let us now draw on what we have learnt about our lack of control over life this year and put it to good use.  Let us remember that while Christmas might be different, it does not have to be BAD.  We might even discover something about ourselves that we never realised before.  What some call Social Distancing, I simply see as civilised behaviour.  Social distancing suited me down to the ground.  That is just me  though.  Having said that, it has not been an easy ride for me.  But as far as voyages of self-discovery go, it is up there with the best of them!  I had a socially distanced Christmas imposed on me a couple of years ago, and I felt devastated, but it turned out to be ok!  I realised I had let fear of the unknown cloud my expectations.

If I can give you something for Christmas, I wish it can be Hope.  We are not in control for sure.  But we do not know what lies around the corner.  We do not know what the future holds for us.  So, we cannot be certain that it is going to be all doom and gloom.  It can quite easily be the start of much better things to come.  That is my wish this period of Advent.  May we find Peace in our uncertainty.

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