Launch Date is Finally Confirmed.

We at The Penny Peach Co. have finally settled on a launch date for the site.  I am going live on

27th September 2019.

I was having a meeting with the fabulous Amy who has built the shop for me and we settled on next Friday.  Amy has done a superb job for me.  A lesson I had to learn as I have been trying to get ready for this is that I need to be able to delegate some stuff;  There is a lot to setting up a business, especially one that involves me making all the stock.  And, Amy provided me with an acceptable quote, and she offered me a payment schedule which made life so much easier for me to manage her yet very reasonable fees.  She intuitively made changes and added in things for the site that I had not thought of.  I really appreciated the fact that she has had the good sense to go ahead and do this stuff.  It is all stuff I would never have got around to thinking about and  her service has been real value for money.

And I guess, she nudged me to pick a date for the launch.  I have got some exciting Halloween products in the pipeline so obviously time is of the essence.  When we looked at the calendar and chose next Friday 27th September; for a second my heart sunk because that is the anniversary of my dear Mum passing, 3 years ago.  She died very suddenly, and it was shocking for us as a family to lose her so quickly, with no warning.  But for her, what a blessing that she passed away so quickly.  She had cooked the dinner at 6.00p.m., and by midnight, she was all but gone. 

I am a great believer that there is only one certainty in life.  And that is that we are going to die.  I do not want that to sound depressing.  Rather, If we embrace that realisation and not try to deny it, we consequently can treasure each day, and make life more meaningful.

It has been an ambition of mine to run my own business since I was 18 years old, sitting in the old Continental Café in Kenilworth back in the day, with my pot of tea which would last all day while chatting with friends.  Now I can do that.  Give it my best shot and see if I can fulfil one of my life’s ambitions. 

Penny Peach was my maiden name.  I loathed that name as I was growing up.  But I have learnt to love it as I have got older.  It seems very fitting that the name my mother gave me will be the name I give to the business I launch on the anniversary of her passing away.  It is a poignant tribute to her, and to the multitude of skills she taught me which I am using in my craft which is at the heart of the business. 

I am not one for anniversaries usually; Well I didn’t think I was until I realised the significance of the date next Friday.  But it is a fitting reminder, and I believe some things do not happen by coincidence.  I am sure this isn’t a coincidence.  I am going to do my Mum proud.

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