It is Saturday 12th October 2019 and I have been working hard on the website for most of today, all 75 mins of it so far, and 14 hours yesterday.

A lesson I learnt a few weeks ago was that while I had proven to myself that I had the capability to build a website, both the learning curve involved and the time it took was proving to be counterproductive as far as I was concerned.  So, I hunted round and found a wonderful web designer who co-incidentally loves to sew too, and she built the shop on the website for me.  Her name is Amy, and you can link to her website via the footer menu below.  She has been an absolute Godsend, very quick to sort out my problems, and very intuitive as I am concerned, I am delighted with the shop and can’t wait to recommend her.

That said, we are both very customers focussed, and would be very grateful to receive any feed back you might be able to offer to make the website more user-friendly.  I will be happy to offer a thank-you discount voucher for any ideas that are worthwhile for either of us.

And the other people I must thank from the bottom of my heart, are my Dad, and Brother – they know why, – and my long-time dear friend Fiona.  Fiona is a very talented amateur interior designer.  Her house is something to behold.  And she has so kindly taken my stock to photograph at her beautiful home.  She has done an amazing job; She also gave me a massive boost when we started musing about the idea of me building a business back in the wintertime. It was so wonderful for someone to believe in me and gave me great encouragement and help.  I am sure you can’t fail to notice her flair for design shown through on the photos. 

So, there are my thank-you dedications. 

I would love you to sign up to our newsletter, or to this blog.  I will regularly bring news of new products and offers as they occur.  And if The Penny Peach Co is out on the road, I will be sure to keep you posted.

Happy Autumn 😊

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