My name is Pennie and I am the business manager of The Penny
Peach Co.  Well I am everything to do
with The Penny Peach Co. in fact.  At the
moment, that is.  I’m looking forward to
that changing.  I do have a back-up crew
and I really hope to have some new friends join my Company someday soon. 

The idea for the business grew over a few months.  Over that last 2 years or so I experienced a slow deterioration in my mental health , which resulted in a breakdown in November 2018. This was caused by my not taking a smaller episode earlier in the year more seriously.

There are some truths about me that are undeniable: –

I love craft, I have always wanted my own business, doing
something I love.  I did work for myself before,
but I was doing something I was not very enthusiastic about, which is why I
lost heart, I guess.

Through the darkest days of last year, quilting was my
escape.  I really love creating
things.  And, now I am a lady of a
certain age, I thought to myself, I need to give my dream a go.  Don’t think “What could go wrong?”, my
attitude to it is

“What can go right?

I am aiming to create a mindful business.  By that I mean that I will conduct my
business with the principles that I have learnt from mindfulness.

I will endeavour to use environmentally friendly products
wherever I can.  Practicalities make it
difficult as I start up, but the goal is to be the best friend I can be to the

If I employ people, I want to establish a co-operative
working environment where we are all encouraged to take part in all roles
within the business. 

But gosh, starting a business is very scary.  Some days I get so scared I want to run
away.  Other days I get so full of
enthusiasm I think I am going to take the world by storm.  It is a scary process, but I look forward to
sharing my adventures with you and giving a big hug of gratitude to those
people who have helped me along the way, while I overcome my default
conditioning that I will fail.

Obviously, I will want to protect the interests of the
business and its reputation; but when I had a breakdown, I dreamed of changing working
environments for workers in the UK.  I
wanted to break through the old established protocols and make going to work
pleasurable for people; People deserve a sense of job satisfaction and
fulfilment from their employment in an environment where self-centred people
with a single-minded approach can not flourish so easily; especially at
the expense of their colleagues.

When you think that suicide is the biggest killer in men
under 40, most of these men are working. 
I want to create healthier environments for people to work in where they
can feel safe to talk openly about their worries and concerns; I can’t change
the world, but that change can start with me. 

I also have another blog which I write in tandem with this
one.   It is called Peachymindmatters and goes more
in depth into matters relating to Mental Health.  Please pop over and take a look.  I share  lots of wise tips and anecdotes that I have
picked up from regularly listening to inspirational and factual podcasts about
mental health; and I have my own stories to tell, it is very positive.  I have been dealing with these issues for 40
years.  I think I should share my
experiences.  Someone might be helped by

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